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How Did You Meet? Emil and Adrienne remember meeting each other at a mutual friend’s mom’s funeral on February 24, 2018 (they had met the night Trump was elected in 2016, but barely remember). Introduced by their mutual friends, they talked a little bit during the funeral reception. As soon as they both left the […]

Real Wedding Story: Emil and Adrienne 9.5.21

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How did you meet? We met on the dating app, Bumble.  I said “hey” and the rest is history!  We met that same night and went to a local Tapas bar and were officially dating 2 weeks later.  How did they ask?  Bryan asked me to marry him on the 4th of July on our […]

Real Wedding Story: Julia and Bryan

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How did you meet? Jia and I met while I was teaching English in Korea. I had organized a bar crawl for the local foreign teachers, and Jia was working weekend nights at one of our destinations. As soon as I walked into the bar, I declared she was going to be my best friend […]

Real Wedding Story: Chris and Jia 7.31.21

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Having a videographer at your wedding can be one of the best ways to capture your wedding day. Surprisingly though, they are one of the most overlooked additions that couples choose to have at their wedding. Most couples figure that since they already have a photographer, there is no need to spend the extra cost […]

Reasons To Have a Videographer at Your Wedding


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