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How Did You Meet? Emil and Adrienne remember meeting each other at a mutual friend’s mom’s funeral on February 24, 2018 (they had met the night Trump was elected in 2016, but barely remember). Introduced by their mutual friends, they talked a little bit during the funeral reception. As soon as they both left the […]

Real Wedding Story: Emil and Adrienne 9.5.21

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One of the major decisions couples must decide before starting their wedding planning process is choosing the formality that they want for their wedding. Their  choice can be dictated by the budget of the couple, the location of the reception, and their guest count. It is a personal choice as to how the couple would […]

The Difference Between Formal, Semi Formal, and Casual Weddings

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There are so many moments and memories that you will make and want to remember long after your big day. Making sure that you have all of the right photographs is important to make sure all of the right moments are captured for you to look back on! Getting ready Hanging wedding dress Hanging bridesmaids […]

Wedding Photography Shot List

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Even though it is your big day, it is very important to recognize and thank your guests for coming to your wedding. The way you welcome guests can leave a lasting impression on them, and can help them dictate how they remember your day long after it’s over. There are many different and great ideas […]

Ways To Welcome Your Guests To Your Wedding


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