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One of the major decisions couples must decide before starting their wedding planning process is choosing the formality that they want for their wedding. Their  choice can be dictated by the budget of the couple, the location of the reception, and their guest count. It is a personal choice as to how the couple would […]

The Difference Between Formal, Semi Formal, and Casual Weddings

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Even though it is your big day, it is very important to recognize and thank your guests for coming to your wedding. The way you welcome guests can leave a lasting impression on them, and can help them dictate how they remember your day long after it’s over. There are many different and great ideas […]

Ways To Welcome Your Guests To Your Wedding

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Weddings are meant to be a day of celebration and fun, so your wedding day should be an opportunity for you and your spouse to relax and enjoy the start of the rest of your lives together! However, sometimes that is easier said than done. Oftentimes nerves and stress can get the best of couples […]

How To Avoid Wedding Day Stress

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Everybody knows weddings can be costly. But that doesn’t mean that you should throw your money away on needless odds and ends to obtain a gorgeous wedding- that’s where we come in. We’re here to help you eliminate unnecessary expenses without compromising your vision for a dream wedding. Read our list below on ways you […]

Things You Don’t Need at Your Wedding


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